Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Las Cerezas The Cherries.

Hoy mi palabra del día es Cerezas.
Today my word of the day is Cherries. 
Las cerezas = the cherries

Las cerezas = the cherries (plural)
La cereza = the cherrie. (singular)
Algunas cerezas = some cherries.
Una cereza = a cherrie.

To say something as plural you change la to las femine or  el to los masculine and add an s to the end of the word in most cases, just like with English.Una cereza singular then becomes las cerezas plural. A cherry then becomes the cherries. More on masculine and feminine words later.

Gracias por leer.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Hoy es Lunes Today Is Monday

Mi palabra del dia es Lunes. 
My word of the day is Monday.

Hoy es Lunes, Lunes es hoy.
Today is Monday, Monday is Today.

Hoy = today
Lunes = Monday

No me gustan los Lunes. 
I don't like Mondays.

Me gustan los fines de semana.
I like the weekends.

fines de semana
End of week / weekend

Video Basic Conversational Spanish

Youtube video of basic conversational spanish.

Frases y Preguntas
Phrases and Questions

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hoy la palabra del dia es rojo Red

Hoy la palabra del día es rojo.
Today the word of the day is Red.


El cuadrado es de color rojo.
The square is the color red.

Cuadrado = square.

Rojo is red, negro is black. Colores are colors.
Rojo is Red, the font color is Negro which is Black.

Una Imagen dice más que mil palabras

Una imagen dice más que mil palabras.
A picture says a thousand words .

Friday, April 25, 2014

Video : Los Doce Meses Del Año 12 months

Youtube video in Spanish about the 12 months of the year.  

Los doce meses del año.
The 12 months of the year.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

las aves y las palomas birds and pigeons

El palabra del día es ave y paloma.
The word of the day is bird and pigeon.

Today I thought I would post a quick picture of some pigeons or algunas palomas. Birds are aves. Los aves is plural and un ave is singular. Pigeons are las palomas plural, and una paloma singular.

You could also use :

la paloma = the pigeon
la ave = the bird.
algunas aves = some birds.
algunas palomas = some pigeons

Gracias por leer .
Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hola y Bienvenido

Hoy la palabra del dia es : 
Today's word of the day is :

Hola = Hello
y = and
bienvenido = welcome

When saying hello in Spanish you can say Hola.

En una frase:
In a phrase:

Hola y beinvenido.
Hello and welcome.

Bienvenido A Mi Palabra Del Dia

Bienvenido a mi palabra del dia blog. Estoy aprendiendo Espanol y esto blog ayuda me aprender.

Welcome to my word of the day blog. I am learning Spanish and this blog helps me learn.

Okay, the rest of this post will have to be in English o Inglés en Espanol.  Here I post a word a day and other learning aids to help me and you learn Spanish.

I'll be posting images, videos, links, and anything else I think will help the reader and myself learn the fascinating language of Spanish.

A little about me. I'm a 45 year old male, living in the United States. I've studied Spanish on and off for the last couple years, but just started taking my studies a lot more serious. I'm hoping this blog will help me learn and also keep me motivated to stay focused and get fluent in Spanish.

Gracias por leer. 
Thanks for reading !