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 Gracias por leer ! Hello, and thanks for reading. Mi Palabra Del Día is a fun side project that I'm currently working on. I love the Spanish language and thought this would be a fun way to practice what I'm learning.

I ASSURE YOU THERE WILL BE MISTAKES. There will be tons of links here to other sites, so by all means research what you learn here and make sure it's correct. I try to make a sincere effort to post accurate and correct information with every post. However,  I'm not a teacher, and I have no formal education in Español other than the half a year of Spanish I took in high school 25 + years ago.

I am self taught and currently I've studied Español on and off for a good chunk of my adult life. This project helps me stay focused and forces me to use what I've learned becuase I have to post close to everyday. Like anything you learn, the more you use it, the easier it becomes.

I practice my Spanish several hours through out the day now. I practice at least one hour every morning with my phone app. I watch several hours of Spanish language T.V. throughout the day. At night I listen to at least one hour of oral Spanish lesson on my stereo while lying in bed. Now I can add the research and posts to this blog as more study time.

If you find a mistake, please comment and correct me. Please be nice. I try to post daily. I usually don't post on Sunday, and I will occasionally miss a day or two.I do try to make an effort to post daily though.

As time allows, I'll be adding all kinds of links, images, videos, and anything else I can think of that will help you and me learn this fascinating language. With that said, thanks for reading. I hope you decide to follow this blog, and bienvenido a Mi Palabra Del Día o welcome to Mi Palabra Del Dia.

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